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I don't know what it is about fish and mosaics but it just works.

These unique fish pond mosaics will give a magical focal point to any garden, or for that matter any interior space. This is the ultimate luxury item for those who love all things fishy. It also creates a tough, low maintenance eye catching floor that will give you the illusion of a perfect pond without taking space from your garden, you can walk over it or put your chair on it.

And don't forget the mosaic pond idea also works on the wall as an aquarium...

Getting your own mosaic fishpond could not be easier, you can even pick the type of fish you would like in your pond to make your pond just how you want it. Your mosaic will be made in my London studio, where you are welcome to see it's progress. Once it is complete, this may take several weeks, the installation will be booked at your convenience and will take a few days to install.

There are four simple steps:-

  1. Select your site
  2. Choose your pond type, shallow, deep or bespoke
  3. Select your pond shape and size. The cost is displayed on the form.
  4. Select your fish
  5. Complete the form and submit.

And that's it. You will then receive pack confirming your commission and the cost with payment details. I will then contact you to discuss the best way to proceed with your commission.

So why wait, select your own mosaic fishpond now...


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• Shallow pond


• Lilly pond


• Deep pond