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Creativity and choice - the designs

MedievaltannerRGB100The design stage actually splits into two stages.
The first stage is my design response to your brief. This might begin with some research into the site or some local history, or even with design workshops in local schools or with community groups.


SketchBook1aDesign development can include: Archive research; community consultation; school workshops; community design workshops.
Or even begin with workshops on: creative writing; poetry; photography; reminiscence work. On the right a workshop involving Medieval re-enactors brings the history of Gloucester to life for a school design workshop.


Once this background work is complete I usually begin by roughly sketching ideas out like those here. These are then developed into a selection of about three design options an example of which is shown below.

These options aim to explore the same brief in differing ways and these are then presented to you, so that you can choose the direction that you feel is right. At this stage alterations and revisions can also be suggested.


If you are happy with one of these design options I will then go away and draw up the final design based on your selection and any adjustments requested. Here is the final design from the selection above, the human figure on the side has been drawn in to give a better indication of scale to the design.


The final design is then brought back to you for approval before the construction work on your mosaic can commence.
If you are completely happy with the design construction is now ready to begin.








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