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In house installation - continuing the care to the end

All of my work is installed by myself and my assistants thus ensuring the same attention to detail and care is taken right through to completion. All installation operatives are CSCS accredited as Safety is the highest priority throughout our work.

The first step in any installation is the site set up, a risk assessment helps inform the optimum safe environment for the work to begin.
Once the site is ready your mosaic is brought in, packed in crates. Any vulnerable areas are masked off and the registration marks are set out for the fixing to begin.

adhesive1A bed of high performance cement based adhesive is laid onto the site and the sections of the mosaic on paper are pushed, one by one into place, pressed into the adhesive base with the paper facing out.

damping1Next the paper is dampened with water which will release the glue holding the mosaic tesserae to the paper support.



peeling1Once the glue has released the paper is peeled away to reveal the mosaic bedded into the adhesive. At this point the mosaic is checked again before being left to dry.

The mosaic is then cleaned and left to dry again. The final process is to grout the mosaic, high performance grout is pushed down the gaps between the tesserae and then the mosaic is cleaned again. A final cleaning takes place the following day and the mosaic is complete.











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