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shield100One of the most interesting and permanent ways to portray your armorial achievement is in mosaic.

Arms are all about permanence, continuity and quality and nothing says that more than a hand crafted mosaic coat of arms.

Whether you require a tough, finely crafted floor mosaic arms or a wall or panel mounted coat of arms mosaic offers permanence, durability, beauty and quality.

Your mosaic arms can be created from your artwork or the original blazon. Your mosaic arms can also include 24 carat gold and silver tesserae.

Choosing the right materials

Ceramic - tough and beautiful

Which material your mosaic is made in will be determined mainly by the location. The coat of arms illustrated opposite is on an exterior floor subject to heavy foot traffic. It has therefore been constructed in the toughest frost proof and slip resistant material, unglazed porcelain ceramic. This materials is ideal for all floors including, lobbies, pool areas, streets, pavements, gardens and parks. It can also be used to great effect to harmonise with modern and traditional architecture as the colours blend naturally with brick and paving products.

smaltiselectionMarble - for that classical class

An interior floor or wall on the other hand could be made from marble, either left riven for a highly textured finish or polished to a mirror shine for a luxury floor finish ideal for your lobby or entranceway, boardroom or reception area.

Glass - the ultimate in luxury

If your coat of arms is going to be wall mounted then there is no better material than Venetian Glass Smalti, the Rolls Royce of mosaic tesserae. Creating your Arms in Smalti means that you also have the choice to use real golds and silver for the metallic elements. A smalti mosaic arms will reflect your commitment to quality, continuity and permanence.

• Hand made glass smalti,
the ultimate in luxury and quality mosaic material

Follow these two simple steps to acquiring your armorial achievement, coat of arms, in hand crafted mosaic



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