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PanoramaLResTough, beautiful, flexible, colourful, frost-proof, slip resistant...

However you put it, mosaic fits the bill for the demanding requirements of our modern environment.

Whether you are creating a new focal point for a park, looking for a landmark for the 21st century, or wanting to highlight the heritage of a specific site mosaic offers a unique solution. The versatility of mosaic means that it can be used inside or out, on floors, walls, pools or three dimensional artworks.


Experience you can trust to deliver.

Gary Drostle - I have been creating site specific public art for over twenty years, my work ranges from large landmark artworks for regeneration projects, to small community pieces. I have worked for a wide range of clients including architects and landscape designers, schools, local authorities, community organisations, health authorities and management contractors.





BedfordMosaic"...creativity is combined with a thoroughly professional and practical approach so that issues of integration into architecture, working with other professionals, long-term maintenance and community contact are all addressed. It has been a pleasure to work with Gary..."
Vivid Burnished, Arts Co-ordinator,
South East Belfast HSS Trust <>


Creativity to bring you the right design

What may seem like a wide variety of my work is a direct consequence of two important factors:-

  1. Listening to what you want.
    Each commission begins with a briefing meeting where you can outline what you hope to see from your commission, whether that is a theme, levels of consultation, local identity or degree of impact.
  2. Being sensitive to the needs of the local community and the demands of your specific site.
    Every commission takes into account the surrounding landscape and architecture, and can incorporate recommendations for lighting, seating and paving features.
    The local community who are to receive the work are also an important factor in arriving at the right design. The needs of the community can be assessed through design consultation, exhibitions and workshops.



garyonborderBecause each site and each brief is different each finished mosaic has a very different feel. Take a look at the gallery page here to see the wide range of artworks each developed specifically for the chosen site.


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