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Wells400dpiCOL1Mosaic art offers a creative medium that is both beautiful, colourful and extremely durable. All my work is constructed with attention to detail throughout the process from initial design to the final polish

The secret to your mosaics durability lies in four distinct areas.

  1. The selection of the right materials for your site
  2. The proper preparation of the base to receive the mosaic work
  3. Artistry in the craft of making your mosaic
  4. The skilled installation of the mosaic

Choosing the right mosaic materials

Which material your mosaic is made in will be determined mainly by the location.

Ceramic - tough and beautiful. Unglazed porcelain ceramic mosaic is used for sites with the highest demands. Our ceramic mosaics are tough frost proof high fired through body unglazed vacuum pressed porcelain, These tiles will not fade and have been independently tested for slip resistance. This ceramic mosaic comes in a palette of colour that harmonise beautifully with architecture and paving materials.

Marble - for that classical class. An interior floor or wall on the other hand could be made from marble, either left riven for a highly textured finish or polished to a mirror shine. The beautiful natural look and subtle differences in shades of marble give a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Smalti Glass - the ultimate in luxury. Venetian Glass Smalti is the Rolls Royce of mosaic tesserae. This material sit equally well in it's Byzantine heritage or in the most modern designs. Hand made by just two families in Venice and Spilimbergo these tesserae are suitable for wall mosaics and fine art panels. Smalti comes in a rich range of colours including golds and silvers.

Techguidecover1Sound foundations

Like all good craftsmanship the key to longevity in your mosaic installation is

the sound preparation of the foundation.

Whether this is a rendered wall or a floor screed the right foundations are crucial to the structural integrity of the mosaic. I can supply full technical specification for base preparation, with reference to the British and European Standard codes for any commissions. Add to this over twenty years experience of large scale public installations and you can be confident that your mosaic will be of the highest technical standard.

connoisseurcover1The Art of Mosaic Making

Of course one of the key skills here is the actual fabrication of the mosaic artwork. Unfortunately many clients are embarking on a commission for the first time and it can be hard to distinguish just what makes a mosaic good. This short six page introduction "Hints and tips to becoming a mosaic connoisseur" aims to provide you with an instant insight into the art of mosaic so that you can make an informed decision.
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Most mosaics are constructed off site using one of the traditional indirect techniques. This means that disruption to the site itself is kept to a minimum and the work can be fabricated in the studio for anywhere in the world.

Skilled installation

boltingthetail2aI supervise all mosaic installations personally, ensuring the same attention to detail goes into this critical stage as goes into the making of your mosaic.

My experience also covers all aspects of large scale installations including dealing with other site contractors, Health and Safety management, organising and arranging associated site works, and the whole range of other skills required to complete large scale works in the public domain. Myself and my assistants are all CSCS accredited.

If you would like to discuss your projects feasibility and the issues that might arise from your plans I would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss all aspects of the commission process. Just drop me an e-mail at



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