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Four simple steps to create your own mosaic artwork for your green space

Globe72step 1 ­ Identify your site

It may well be already obvious where you would like your mosaic to be, but still it is worth taking time to think about it...

Remember that as well as a floor or wall mosaic you could have a mosaic sculpture, pool base, column or other feature, I would be happy to advise on the potential in your garden.

Think about how your mosaic might integrate with the surrounding architecture, landscape, hard surfaces and furniture.

Imagine what the effect of a mosaic artwork would be. It might bring to life that dull wall, but perhaps if it was placed on the floor infront it could become a much needed focal point for the whole garden. I can help you with alternative ideas through design development

Viewstep 2 ­ Choose your theme

Take a little time to choose a theme that interests you, make it your theme, your mosaic. A theme can be as simple as a word or two, such as water or harmony ­ or it could be a small essay, perhaps reflecting some aspect of your family or something to do with the local site history.

step 3 ­ Check your budget

A hand made mosaic work of art is, as you would expect, an expensive luxury item. Your mosaic will be built to last, for most people a once in a lifetime investment. A work of art like this will become a key feature of your home. You can find out how much a mosaic would cost here.

step 4 ­ Contact me

Once you are happy with the cost just let me know and the ball will start rolling,

womanwetWhat happens next?

Listening to your wishes at every step...

Your commission will begin with a discussion on what you would like and the site you have in mind.

A choice of design options unique to you...

I will then create a choice of designs based on your wishes, for you to select the best design for you.

Skilled construction, dedicated craftsmanship to realise your mosaic artwork...

Once you have chosen your preferred design construction of your mosaic will begin in my London studio. You will be able to see the progress on your mosaic in the studio via your own personalised web page from anywhere in the world, and of course you are always welcome to visit the workshop in Greenwich, South East London, as well.

A Professional installation service with attention to detail...

Once your mosaic has been fabricated it is carefully pack and transported to you and then installed by me to ensure the same care and attention to detail to the final clean and polish.

If you have any questions about commissioning a mosaic I will be happy to answer them at

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