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Understand the strength of mosaic and you can transform your interiors with a unique medium.


All my mosaic tesserae are carefully selected for the highest performance:-
Frost Proof (Unglazed Porcelain has been used for installations in the Arctic)
Slip Resistant (My mosaics have been independently tested to conform to British and EU standards)
Colour Fast (The colour is in the material itself, not a surface coating) so there is no UV degradation, no fading, no peeling and no special cleaning programme.
Water Proof (suitable for pools, showers and fountains)

Mosaic is probably the toughest surface decoration available, it is low maintenance and able to resist tough cleaning processes.


Mosaic can be used in a wide range of applications, it's molecular make up means it can be laid over three dimensional and curved surfaces, it can be used on floors, walls, pools, ceilings, inside and out.

Just imagine what this flexibility could achieve for you:-

  • Mosaic stair risers
  • Floor tiles inlaid with mosaic details
  • Decorative column cladding
  • Lobby feature floor
  • Boardroom mural mosaic
  • Organic wave of colour and texture across a wall or floor
  • Three dimensional focal feature

Whether you are looking for a bright, colourful and joyous focal feature or a rich, subtle and textured enhancement mosaic offers the creative solution that is up to the rigors of our modern built environment.


Ceramic mosaics are available in a beautiful range of colours that ideally match many architectural products. For a wider colour palette glass mosaic can be supplied in a vast spectrum of colours including golds, silver and other metallic finishes.

Mosaic can bring permanent, hard wearing colour to your design, it can be used just for the colour, imagine a wall of sparkling blue glass which seems to ripple down the surface.

Pattern & Texture

Pattern and texture are at the core of mosaic art. Pattern is the building block of mosaic art whether it's the simple repeat of the mosaic cube or elaborate patterns of colour and shape.

Texture can be introduced in three distinct ways: physically, through the surface quality of the materials; manually, through the deliberate angling of the tesserae in the setting mortar playing with light and the reflective qualities of the tile; optically through the introduction of complimentary or shade shifted tiles in a colour field giving that 'twinkling' feeling.


As with all arts communication is intrinsic to the creative process. Whether you are communicating your commitment to quality through the use of beautiful materials and attention to detail or you are telling a story mosaic art can excel as a visual medium.





Mosaic art for interiors

• Stair riser mosaics at an arts centre in Doncaster illustrate just one of the creative ways in which mosaic can be used.

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• Hand made glass Smalti adds subtle texture to this abstract gateway marker.


• This mandala style health centre lobby mosaic runs either side of a glass dividing wall playing on reflection and mirror.


• Commemorative panel for AIG headquarters in the City of London