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I know it can be a headache trying to find a mosaic artist for your architectural or landscape project…

I know because I’ve been a professional mosaic artist for over thirty years and my clients have often spoken about their initial frustrations when they first set out on the search for someone who can create a mosaic artwork.

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‘Smooth Mosaic Artwork Commission Plan’

Stage 1 – Consultation

As well as our FREE initial consultation we offer a range of services that will ensure your project is built on firm foundations, including: Feasibility Reports and costings; Community Consultation; Design Workshops; Community and School Workshops. 

Stage 2 – Planning

We plan our projects so you don’t have to… Careful planning and advice for our clients where it’s needed means that our projects run smoothly and tie in seamlessly with your programme. We can also advise your management contractors and sub contractors to ensure that, when it comes to site, all the cogs fit together.

Step 3 – Design

My award winning mosaic designs are exclusive to Drostle Public Arts. Each design begins with listening to you, understanding your aims for the project and also taking into account the surrounding architecture and landscape. We can also create mosaics from your own design or work with your own appointed artist.

Step 4 – Fabrication

Your mosaic will be created with passion, in-house, in my London studio. Each mosaic tesserae is hand cut and placed by myself and my studio team. Your mosaic is entirely made off site to minimise the time and disruption on-site. We can work in marble, glass, ceramic and mixed media.

Step 5 – Installation

You’ll benefit from over thirty years of mosaic installation experience, with our install team based around the same craftspeople who made your mosaic. And because it’s the same people who made the mosaic you can be sure of the same attention to detail. We love our work. To be honest, why would you choose anyone else, our installation service is second to none.

Step 6 – Time to celebrate

Commissioning a bespoke mosaic artwork is a totally unique event, so why not make the most of it with a grand unveiling. A chance to step back and watch the smiles on the faces of your clients, stake holders or the public. I am also happy to engage in linked promotional activities events and media engagements.

Is it your first time commissioning a mosaic and you’re feeling unsure where to start?


This information packed guide for architects, specifiers, designers and landscape professionals will get your commission process off to a flying start.

  • Learn how to spot a well-made mosaic, and therefore how to select a good mosaic maker.

  • Understand the potential for mosaic within your building or landscape project, and the beautiful benefits of commissioning a mosaic.

  • Discover how best to select a site for your mosaic and which materials will work best.

By reading this simple 4 stage guide you can avoid the pitfalls and plan a smooth commissioning process to a successful and stunning unique mosaic artwork.


Entrance Lobby

A 50 foot long entrance lobby floor mosaic for the University of Iowa representing Wellbeing, life, local cultures and the Iowa River through the theme of ‘The River of Life’. 

The mosaic won the 2011 TileLetter Award for Mosaic Installation from the National Tile Contractors Association (USA).

Entwined Histories Mosaic Sculpture

Community History

Winner of the Best in Show Award at the Mosaic Arts International in Tacoma, WA. 

A unique landmark mosaic sculpture which celebrates both the history of the area, a former rope makers and the many different migrant communities who moved to  Poplar in East London over the centuries.

Paolozzi Mosaics

The careful re-creation of the iconic Eduardo Paolozzi Glass Mosaics for Tottenham Court Road Underground Station.

Winner of the 2016 Heritage Crafts Skills Award from National Railway Heritage and the prestigious 2017 award from the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers.

Redwood Trail Mosaics

Children's Hospital

A trail of mosaic floor panels and caste glass and bronze features set into a bespoke designed terrazzo floor. 

This hospital arts project featured in three awards in 2019 including The National Organisation for Arts in Health and the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association.

Inspired by Barcelona Mosaic Garden

Chelsea Flower Show

Gary’s specially designed mosaic wall and garden features were a prominent part of the Gold Medal Artisan Garden by Sarah Eberle at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The mosaic were crafted from the unique hand made Venetian glass plates and were based on traditional Spanish tile patterns.

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Experience counts for a lot when working on large projects alongside management contractors, sub-contractors or the general public. We’ll keep your whole project running smoothly.

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If you are happy following that, then I can supply further specific details or a quotation for your project with no obligation.

How can you be sure I am the right artist for your project?

Over thirty years experience in delivering site specific mosaics and an impressive list of international awards.

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