Mosaic art for your Home and Garden

In a world of “off-the-peg” and “ready-made” franchises and brands, the pride and joy of owning something truly UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL has even more appeal.

That’s where I come in… Because when you commission a mosaic from me you're not just getting more than thirty years of professional award winning artwork delivery, you are creating something truly bespoke to your own life's story.

We are absolutely delighted with the finished pieces. Gary is very easy to work with, he brings a wealth of practical experience and design knowledge and is able to communicate effectively with a range of people. The mosaics were completed to a very high standard and the finished product looks fantastic.”

Sara Brown

Neighbourhood Manager, North Somerset Council.

Imagine your guests delight when they discover your original mosaic artwork as you tell them the story of it’s creation…

Here's an opportunity to learn more about Mosaic Art so you can understand whether it offers you the result you're looking for...

Get this free Mosaic Commissioners Guide

I have produced this free booklet packed with useful information for anyone considering commissioning a mosaic artwork 

Here you will learn

  • The styles and materials of mosaic
  • Get ideas for different ways a mosaic artwork can enhance your home
  • Discover more about the skilled craftsmanship that will create your mosaic

Exactly how can you join in the creative process?
I’ll tell you…

It’s simple really, just by me listening to YOU and exploring your story and your desires, I'll come up with some creative options for you to review. Once we've agreed the way forward, I'll keep you in touch every step of the way, and this process begins at our initial consultation meeting...

What to expect at your initial consultation

Your initial consultation meeting will look at 3 crucial factors which will influence your artwork:–

  • What would your dream mosaic look like?
    What sort of images do you relate to, do you have a specific story to tell, are there some personal elements you would like incorporated into your artwork, what feeling do you want to convey? By talking through your wishes and ideas we can ensure your project will begin with your desires.
  • Where would you like to site your mosaic?
    We will look at the site for your work, is it suitable, a wall or floor, or maybe a freestanding or hanging work? How big is the area and what sort of usage will it get?
  • Making sure your mosaic harmonises with its surroundings.
    You want a work which sits well in it’s surroundings, whether that is a bright point that jumps out like a jewel in a necklace, or a subtle enhancement or discovery point to delight visitors. The work will be designed to take into account the surrounding architecture, garden design and decor to create something that just fits beautifully.


During this 30 minute consultation you will benefit from expert and specific advice on your project and we can discover how or if, we could work together and create something great for your home.

Are you feeling a little apprehensive about buying something when you don’t really know what it will be?

Isn’t it safer to just buy something ready-made?

I know it can be a little daunting commissioning an artwork, and not being totally sure what you are going to get, but you don’t need to worry because YOU WILL KNOW exactly what you are getting, and be confident that it will be completely unique to you.

And here is how you can be sure… with my smooth 4 STAGE commission process:

STAGE 1 – Consultation, Listening to your needs and exceeding your expectations

STAGE 2 – Design, Award winning tailor made design just for you

STAGE 3 – Construction, Skilled creative craftsmanship that echoes your commitment to quality

STAGE 4 – Installation, Specialist mosaic installation service second to none.

STAGE 1 Consultation

Your FREE consultation – This is your chance, both to find out all you need to know about commissioning a mosaic and to see if I am the right artist for your project. We will discuss:-

  • What you have in mind, the specifics of your site
  • The type of design you would like
  • The different options you have for materials that are suited to your site
  • Possible timetables and budgets

Not until you are completely happy with your final design will the construction begin.

STAGE 2 Design

After your initial FREE consultation if we decide we can work together, I will draw up a choice of design sketches  based on our initial conversation. These are not finished designs but will give you a good chance to check we are on the right lines. In fact I think you will be thrilled already as over thirty years professional artist experience shows through. When you see the designs you will have three choices:–

  • You can simply say no, this is not for me.
  • You can say, “well I prefer this design but can I have more of this, or that”
  • You can say I really love that design.

If you choose 1. then we can shake hands, no hard feelings and nothing to pay. If you choose 2 or 3 then our formal contract can begin. I will head back to the studio and draw up the final stage design, incorporating any adjustments. At this stage the design fee will become chargeable. 

I will then return with a more worked-up details and full colour scale design. If you are not totally thrilled with the design, 9 out of 10 clients are, then we can make more adjustments, together we will get the right design for you.

STAGE 3 Construction

Your mosaic is will be carefully crafted in my London studio by myself and my studio assistant. Every piece of your mosaic is hand cut and placed to create an artwork as unique as your own fingerprint.

During the construction phase you are welcome to visit the studio and see your work develop and grow, you can even place a piece of mosaic yourself. If you can’t make it in, I can send you pictures so you can see your beautiful work develop. 

Once the construction of the mosaic is complete I will send you a photograph of the work laid out in the studio, or again you can visit to inspect. When you have approved your completed mosaic it will be packed and crated ready for shipment to your site.

STAGE 4 Installation

We are very proud of our mosaic installation service, which we believe is second to none – that’s because with our service you have the same craftsmen that made your mosaic carrying out the installation. This means that the love and skill that went into the making is carried through into the installation. But you don’t have to take our word on the quality of our mosaic installations, The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (USA), The Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers (UK), The Flooring Contractors Association (USA) and The National Tiling Contractors Association (USA) have all presented us awards for our mosaic installations.

What’s more these crucial facts make choosing our installation service a no brainer…

  • Our installation costs are often less than our competitors as they offset the risk of problems with such a high value work.
  • When we install the liability of the work remains with us until your work is completely installed and completed.

These 4 stages make a clear and smooth path for your new mosaic artwork.

So why not arrange your FREE consultation meeting and we can discuss your own project and see if we can work well together

Who is this guy anyway?

Perhaps before you arrange your consultation you would like to know more about my background as an artist

Gallery of Mosaic Works

I will create a unique mosaic just for you, but if you would like to see some more ideas and get inspiration take a look at my gallery page here…

Thank You

I will be in touch to arrange your appointment as soon as possible.

Currently all appointments are being carried out by ZOOM in order to comply with the Covid restrictions.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.