Save yourself the headache of engaging an arts agency, a designer, a mosaic maker and an installer – I deliver a full design to final polish service.

My fully equipped studio in south east London is dedicated to making your project commission run smooth and easy. With over thirty years award winning professional experience. 

In a nutshell… I can deliver yours and your client’s, happiness – a completely unique and bespoke mosaic artwork, finely crafted and professionally installed.

How can I do that? – By providing you with an individually tailored and first class service all under the same roof with my…

6 commitments to YOUR project

Ensuring you have all the information you need, when you need it

…And that begins right here.

Of course… you could spend days hunting the internet for product details, specifications, best materials, installation specifications

Fortunately I have designed this site to hopefully provide all you need to make an informed decision on commissioning a mosaic, whether you choose my services or someone else. 

Best of all you can receive my ‘Mosaic Commissioners Guide’ packed with useful information about mosaic styles, materials and applications, absolutely free.

As your project progresses I can also provide full technical details, project specifications and method statements as required during your project including your own individual ‘Owners Manual’ on completion.

Listening to you or your client and responding creativley to your specific site

You will only find my unique design service here. And what is unique about my designs? I think it’s a combination of these 3 factors that you will not find elsewhere:-

  • I always begin by listening to you or your client, discussing what you would like to achieve for your project and finding out what’s important and individual to you.
  • My approach is site-specific, this means that careful attention is given to the surrounding architecture and landscape to ensure your work fits perfectly. Not only that but I am committed to drawing in all the inspiration from the site. This can include research into the local history and heritage as well as undertaking a range of community consultation and workshops as needed.
  • My own art training at the top London Arts Schools: Camberwell School of Art; St Martins School of Art; Hornsey College of Art
With these sturdy foundations I can provide you or your client with a choice of designs tailored to your specific site. 

Take a look at a typical design process HERE

In fact I am so confident that you will be wowed by the design that if you don't like it I will return you design fee in full.

Answer all YOUR QUESTIONS and confirm your exact project requirements with my simple 30 minute consultation.

During your meeting we can discuss all aspects of your mosaic project idea including:–

  • Budgets
  • Timetables
  • Materials
  • Substrate Specifications
  • Design Options

You can benefit from my expertise and experience and see how we get on, without obligation.

Sourcing the finest high quality materials

A quality product starts with quality materials – put your feet up because we’ve done all the product investigation FOR YOU. 

  • Traditional beautiful glass enamels, completely hand made sourced from two small family workshops in Italy. 
  • Tough floor grade porcelain sourced from France meets slip and frost resistance EU standards.
  • And rich and natural marbles and travertines drawn from around the world to provide a beautiful palette.
As well as the best mosaic materials I ensure that our fixing and grouting products are the highest standards too. We only install with single manufacturer products from base preparation to final grout to ensure the maximum compatibility and to protect your product warranties.

Carefully crafting your mosaic in my London studio

Your mosaic will be entirely made by hand, by myself and my studio assistants, all professional mosaic craftspeople. Each tesserae is carefully cut and laid by hand.

You can feel absolutely confident that your mosaic is being made to the highest standards. And my door is always open if you would like to visit to see your mosaic underway.

Unrivaled packing and delivery around the world

The same careful attention to detail goes into packing your mosaic as into the making. Each section of mosaic is fitted into it’s own tailor made housing and then boxed up.

Once the mosaic is in it’s bespoke boxes it is transferred to our logistics partner EBISS uk where it is further sealed and crated before being delivered to your door, of course taking care of all the customs and shipping documents.

A mosaic installation service second to none

You don’t have to choose my installation service as I am happy to supply your mosaic for your own installers however to be quite frank it just makes sense to use my service.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that installing a mosaic is the same as tiling, however it really isn’t. Make sure you keep these factors in mind:–

  • As soon as your own installer takes charge of your mosaic the liability of getting a successful result transfers to them. If we install we keep on the liability until the whole job is complete.
  • My install team are the same craftspeople that made your mosaic, and they keep the same attention to detail through to the finish.
  • If you have managed to find a really experienced mosaic installer then their costs are probably going to be much higher than our ‘built-in’ service.

Creating iconic landmarks and a true sense of local identity for your project

Is it your first time commissioning a mosaic and you’re feeling unsure where to start?


This information packed guide for architects, specifiers, designers and landscape professionals will get your commission process off to a flying start.

  • Learn how to spot a well-made mosaic, and therefore how to select a good mosaic maker.

  • Understand the potential for mosaic within your building or landscape project, and the beautiful benefits of commissioning a mosaic.

  • Discover how best to select a site for your mosaic and which materials will work best.

By reading this simple 4 stage guide you can avoid the pitfalls and plan a smooth commissioning process to a successful and stunning unique mosaic artwork.

We love mosaic... And that love shines through

Core Services

Floor Mosaics

Interior and exterior floor mosaics. Slip and frost resistant. Made from tough highest quality French Porcelain.

Including entrance lobbies, pool floors, garden and park pavement features, pedestrian schemes.

Wall Mosaics

Interior and exterior wall mosaics in glass, marble or ceramic.

  • Turn your plain wall into a local landmark
  • Give your site IDENTITY and MEANING
  • Illustrate your local heritage and history

Mosaic Sculptures

Eye catching unique three dimensional mosaic sculptures that will really get your visitors talking.

  • Completely contemporary monuments and memorials.
  • Unique and colourful place and entrance markers.
  • Bringing Sculptures to life with a whole new dimension.

Gallery Mosaics

Own your own handmade mosaic created uniquely by Gary Drostle that can hang on your wall just like a framed painting.

Gary’s works have featured in:

  • 2019 Mosaic Arts International, Nashville TN
  • 2017 BAMM Open, Edinburgh
  • 2015 Opere dal Mundo, Ravenna Mosaico
  • 2014 Recontres Internationales de Mosaïque, Chartres
  • 2014 Mosaic Arts International, Houston TX

all bespoke designed, fabricated, delivered and installed

Free 30 minute consultation

Why not cut through your research time here by simply requesting a consultation meeting. In this meeting you will speak directly to myself and benefit from immediate and expert advice on your specific project.

Support Services...

Reports & Surveys

I can provide written reports and site surveys including costings and sketch designs to present as documents for funding providers and other bodies.

Community Engagment

If you are commissioning a work for a public space then involving the local community is an essential element in your projects success.

Lectures and Presentations

I am always happy to talk to groups and conferences about my own work, about making mosaics and about mosaics in general.

Special Mosaics

As well as creating floor and wall mosaics I can create bespoke mosaics as gifts or wall hanging artworks including mosaic portraits and commemorative plaques.

Painted Murals

Painted mural artworks in Artists Acrylics, Traditional Buon Fresco or Modern Keim Mineral Paints.

Illustration Work

Gary has carried out many illustration commissions and sells his own unique drawings produced in the studio.

Associated Design Work

Mosaic and mural designs can be undertaken as separate commission contracts, email for conditions .

School Projects

I can help your school create their  own mosaic or mural with design and production workshops, painting  and mosaic installation.

Do you want to cut through the waffle and get straight down to the details of your specific project?

Simply leave your details here and I will contact you to arrange a free 30 minute consultation. 

You’ll have the chance to discuss the details of your project and get IMMEDIATE and EXPERIENCED feedback. 

During your meeting we can discuss all aspects of your mosaic project idea including:–

  • Budgets
  • Timetables
  • Materials
  • Substrate Specifications
  • Design Options

You can benefit from my expertise and experience and see how we get on, without obligation.

If you are happy following that, then I can supply further specific details or a quotation for your project with no obligation.

Thank You

I will be in touch to arrange your appointment as soon as possible.

Currently all appointments are being carried out by ZOOM in order to comply with the Covid restrictions.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.