Until now… you probably thought taking a hammer to glass was vandalism, but that’s exactly what we do.

Delivering creative, award winning and reliable mosaic artworks

And this is our winning formula...

We start with World Class Materials
Such as beautiful hand-made Venetian Glass Smalti from Italy, hardwearing high fired porcelain from France and exquisite natural marbles from around the world.
+ add designs created by Gary Drostle
Original designs created uniquely for your specific site and the needs of your individual client.
+ then add expert craftsmanship
In our London studio by Gary and his skilled studio team of mosaic craftspeople.
+ and an extraordinary Installation service
because the same craftsman who made your mosaic will install it
= Equals award Winning Artworks
Including from: The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (USA); The National Tile Contractors Association (USA); Society of American Mosaic Artists; Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers (UK)
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About the studio

Our fully equipped studio based in Thamesmead, south east London, creates hand-made mosaics in marble, glass and ceramic for sites around the world.

Drostle Public Arts studio specialises in large scale wall and floor mosaics, mosaic sculptures and painted murals and has gathered an international reputation.

Guaranteeing you an original and unique artwork

An award winning professional artist based in London, UK. I have been creating large scale murals, mosaics and mosaic sculptures for over thirty years. My practice is firmly rooted in a sense of place. An architectural and landscape art studio socially engaged and dedicated to excellence.

Portrait of Gary in the studio by Julian Calder©2018

A highly skilled team ensuring your project is delivered on time

I am able to undertake large architectural mosaics thanks to a team of highly talented artists. Heading the studio team is Claire Notley, she has worked for me for over 15 years.

I know that in large architectural build or renovation projects ensuring reliable timetables is vital.

My skilled studio and installation team means that your project will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality. 

And if your project looks like it may take longer I have a pool of mosaic colleagues ready to pick up the pace.


A studio fully equipped to deliver your project

My studio is part of the thriving Bow Arts Trust Lakeside Centre on the side of Southmere Lake in Thamesmead, south east London.

Watch out for our open day events when you can discover the many talented artists here.

We're here, when you need an architectural artwork that combines creativity and identity with professionalism and guaranteed delivery.

Whether you are an architect, landscape designer, local authority officer, developer, premises manager or someone who wants to create something unique for their own home I am here to ensure your project success.

How do I ensure your project success?


We welcome visitors to the studio by appointment only.

An Iconic Location

Built on the Plumstead Marshes, the former testing ground of the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, the thousand acre site of Thamesmead was built by the Greater London Council in the late 1960’s.

The site was concrete brutalist backdrop to iconic Stanley Kubrick movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and the hit TV series ‘Misfits’.

If you would like to get relevant and expert advice on your project...

Why not cut through your research time here by simply requesting a consultation meeting. In this meeting you will speak directly to myself and benefit from immediate and expert advice on your specific project.

Thank You

I will be in touch to arrange your appointment as soon as possible.

Currently all appointments are being carried out by ZOOM in order to comply with the Covid restrictions.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.